A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

Have you ever seen Robert Zemeckis adaptation of this novella ?
If you did, you need to read the original story.
If not, read it now and watch the movie later, it will help you understand the vocabulary.

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Charles Dickens wrote this piece in 1843. He divided the story in several chapters that depict Mr Scrooge’s life from Christmas Eve to the next day. Mr Scrooge is the main character of the tale.

This man is an old miser who hates Christmas. He even turns his nephew’s invitation down. Indeed, Scrooge is to spend this « humbug » (as he calls it) alone. He refuses to participate in any helpful event and even ignores two men who seek money to help the poor. Reluctantly, he agrees to grant his clerk the day off with pay to maintain his etiquette.

His late business partner, Jacob Marley, visits him as a ghost that night and tries to help Mr Scrooge change his way of life. Marley tries to explain his situation. He says that, unlike him, Scrooge still has a chance before ending up wandering in between two worlds when he dies.
To help him make a decision, he sends different spirits to Scrooge who are supposed to show him the positive parts of life. They all use different techniques to open his eyes.

Discover here if Mr Scrooge finally learns the lesson or if he forever stays in his unenthusiastic state.


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