Burning Daylight by Jack London

Burning Daylight by Jack London

This story takes place during the Klondike Gold Rush in Yukon, Alaska in 1893.
This period of migration lasted several years and benefited a small amount of prospectors. It led to another Exodus towards Nome, in Alaska.
Find out how Jack London decided to recount the life of a successful entrepreneur.

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In this novel, Elam Harnish is a 30 years old gold digger. He is recognized for his strength, his intelligence and unbounded energy. His various skills confer him the valuable nickname of “Burning Daylight”.
Daylight likes to gamble and lives on the rails of an ever changing financial situation. He aims for bigger stakes each time he succeeds and eventually resolves to try his hand at business.
Thus, he moves to San Francisco where several adventures are waiting for him.
He will meet a lot of people before moving to New York. Wall Street


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