Pollyanna by Eleanor H. Porter

Pollyanna by Eleanor H. Porter

If you haven’t heard of Pollyanna Witthier yet, be sure to discover her story here!

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Polly is the first character that we encounter in this story.
She is stern and appears as an old grumpy woman. She quickly exposes her harsh personality when we learn that her distress is caused by the welcoming of her niece.

Pollyanna, the expected niece, is to stay at her place since the death of her mother. Polly reluctantly accepts to take in her sister’s child because she feels that it’s her “duty”.

Unfortunately, she doesn’t feel any happiness about this. Polly decides to put the little girl in a room of the attic and deeply hopes that Pollyanna will not disturb the atmosphere of her house. People who work for Polly, however, think that a child might be a good thing for this gloomy household.


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