The Valley of the Moon by Jack London

The Valley of the Moon by Jack London

Jack London wrote this novel in 1913. He supposedly integrated himself to the story, under the characters of Jack Hastings, a renowned journalist and writer. Billy Roberts, a former boxer, and his wife, Saxon, are a couple of workers. At one point, they find their life changing when Billy is sent to jail after violent attacks on strikebreakers.

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When the police release him, Saxon decides that they need to leave the city. Sadly, the government stopped giving out free land. Thus, they have to work with different families along the way to their own house.
After going through Portuguese lands, they encounter a middle-class woman who does business with the wealthy.
They also settle in an artists’ colony for a while but wish to find their own place.
Billy manages to work with horses and to get back on the boxing scene…
This road novel will keep you very interested, read it online !


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